Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hill Repeats With a New Hairdo

Yesterday, I got my hair all funkified. Cut, coloured, and ready for Osoyoos in 11 days!!!! Oooooohhh I am so excited for this next race. Apparently, Peanut is excited for me too because she is in front of the keyboard rubbing her face and furry body across my face so I have to kiss her. :):):)

Workout yesterday was 2 hours of glorious hill repeats. My quads have eased a bit and I thought to myself -- I wonder how they will hold up? There is a super 1.5km hill with varying grades about 22 seconds from my house -- this is right where my river spot is too.

I had an awesome workout!! For the last 3 repeats, I stood up and pedaled progressively further, until the last repeat (tenth) I stood up for most of the hill! I was POOPED after that!!!!

This morning, my legs feel great -- They are getting stronger -- and 59 days to go!!!! :) :)


qtlibrarian said...

YEA! I love hill repeats!

Jenna said... too...lmao - never saw a hill til i went riding with the Susi Q

Keith said...

What, no pic of the new 'do?

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

I am with of the new do plz? I am not posting my racing pics from the weekend until you do!

Nice work on the repeats you - Rockstar - you!

Cath said...

You're going to rock in Osoyoos - and as for IMC, all I say is Lisa Bentley watch as our Julie is going to show you a clean pair of heals! :)