Monday, June 30, 2008

Turtle Power!!

Yesterday, I picked up Kelsey from her posh lodgings in Fernie, and took her and a buddy to my secret turtle lake. The goal was to have a fun and relaxed wet suit swim and to free Kelsey of any lingering bad mojo. What can I say? We had a fantastic time!!!!

Here we are wriggling into our wetsuits.

We met a husband and wife who were getting ready for a quick swim as well -- I kept joking with the woman that I was going to sight off her cap and swim at her feet and generally be a nuisance. Poor thing -- I could see the look of fear in her eyes as she wondered to herself, "Is this girl joking with me or is she serious?" LOL!!!

We swam back and forth across the small lake -- For one of our trips, we swam side by side to emulate race conditions. It was so much fun swimming with someone in a purely non-competitive environment. The sun was shining, the lake was crystal-clear, and to top it all off, Kelsey saw a turtle!! Hee-hee!!

The best part of the swim was our chat break. Or, I should say, we completely forgot about swimming and started gabbing merrily away in the water. You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day -- we talked and laughed and floated around in the water, and just had a great time!!

I have no idea what in the world we were talking about here... We sure look like we're talking about something important!! LOL!!!

Yesterday was also the first day I tried silicon ear plugs...Why in the world didn't I know about these things before??? They are a MUST for any triathlete, as far as I'm concerned. They were immensely better than the soft wax I had tried before -- they stayed in the entire swim and blocked out a lot of noise too. So much so, that I was talking really loudly as soon as I put them in -- which Kelsey's friend jokingly pointed out to me. LOL!!!

I went to the drug store afterwards and cleaned them out of silicon ear plugs. No more dizziness after exiting the swim -- YAY!!

After looking at the pictures, I believe that triathletes in wetsuits are naturally-born swimsuit models -- Just take a look at this -- LOL!!

Or, my personal favourite...



runningman said...

Wow that water looks so clear. Nice pics. :)

Cath said...

Hey no reason to fear swimming in the lake - the water's a gorgeous peaceful place once you make friends with it!

Is turtle lake your normal place Julie - don't want to give the name away if you're trying to keep it a secret?!

So where was the luxury lodgings in Fernie - I'm intrigued.....

Julie said...

No secret! It's at Surveyor's -- the same spot I took you, Cath. :)

As for the "cabin" in Fernie, let's just say it is way the heck up the ski hill and BEAUTIFUL!

Susi said...

What an awesome time! Why don't I find it surprising that you had chat breaks, haha.

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time. Thanks for sharing the pics.