Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ankle test #1

It was so beautiful outside yesterday and my ankle was feeling pretty good, so I decided I'd try an easy run on it. Not good. I ran real easy for 10 minutes, then turned around, ran for 5 more minutes, then walked the rest of the way. It just needs a bit more time to heal -- and I can't wait for it to heal completely!! Onto the bike I hopped and pedaled 1:10 on the Escape from Alcatraz course. I really like the varying terrain on that course.

Yesterday, I also swam 60 minutes with the main set of:
  • 10 x 20 (because of lima pool -- instead of 8 x 25)
  • 8 x 60
  • 4 x 100
  • 8 x 60
  • 10 x 20
All on 15 seconds rest. I am starting to like this swimming workout. I used to dread anything that called for swimming faster -- I just felt I was always swimming the same pace, and my arms would be so tired so quickly. I am starting to feel the difference speeds I swim when I am only swimming one length as opposed to three or five. I like pacing myself and then changing it up!

The pool was just about full yesterday in Sparwood! Surprise, surprise!! There was a woman that was a fricking rock star in the pool -- she was doing some kind of one-armed-swimming-butterfly kick drill that shook loose the lane rope!!! This lady doesn't fool around! I'm hoping she'll be there in the days to come as I am going to get some swim tips from her. :) :) When she paused to take a breather and stood facing the pool deck, her back was just about as broad across as my Mike's -- he's a former body builder and blessed with good genes -- if you knew how big Mike was you would know how astonished I was!! LOL!! No wonder she could swim: man-back!!!! LOL!!

Afterwards I did my core routine and added a new move to it!! Just to keep me rocking out in the gym!! LOL!!


Susi said...

sorry to hear your ankle is still bugging you chica. glad to hear you aren't pushing it so it can heal.

okay, we need a better description of what this gal was doing in the pool, haha. man back. friggin hilarious!

Kelly B. said...

Probably an ex-speed swimmer..I have huge shoulders from all those years in the pool. ick.

Keith said...

so many questions today.
Why push your poor ankle? Give it time to heal. You already know you can run the marathon.
Isn't Alcatraz an island?
I am curious how fast you are swimming your sets?
How on earth do you keep track of so many laps and so many sets? I can't reliably count much higher than 4 in the pool.
What's wrong with big shoulders? There was a fad a few years ago with women wearing football pads under the shoulders of their jackets. I think the idea was if the shoulders looked bigger, the hips would look smaller.

Julie said...

Keith you are bang on -- sometimes I need a good kick in the bum! No more pushing -- just let it heal.

Next -- Alcatraz is an island. But the triathlon isn't done on it. You jump off a boat to start the swim and then swim to the mainland.

I don't time my sets -- I just time the seconds between them. I don't know how I keep track -- it's taken me a LONG time to learn that trick. I have to keep really focussed!

NO problems with big shoulders!!! Please don't say ick about your strong shoulders, Kelly!!!! I have just never seen a woman so strong and muscular before -- it really was something to see. You could just as well say ick about my puny dit shoulders!!! LOL!!

Cath said...

She's got to be an ex-swimmer. As you know Julie, my Mum had to make my clothes when I was a youngster, as the clothes never fitted across my back - I'd be in the shops trying to convince my Mum that the latest fashion item really did fit - but I think she thought otherwise when I was having to pin my shoulders right back to try and stop the back ripping apart! If your girl has any tips, pass them on to the rest of us - ask her where she's from too - is she new in town??

Good for you for not timing, I can't do that, I have to know what time I'm doing - good for you.

A tip for counting laps - if you breath every 3rd stroke, the first lap is 0,0,1 with your breathing, then the 2nd is 0,1,2, the third 1,2,3 then 4th 2,3,4 etc etc. It's always worked for me, but then I am an accountant too, so maybe that's how my brain works!

Keep resting that ankle my girl. I was supposed to run today, but was absolutely pooped still, so kncoked it on the head - listen to your body!

Jenna said...

man back...hahah!!! I have man calves - i wonder what it woul dlook like if her and I merged - Take care of the ankle!!!