Thursday, April 17, 2008

Unrestricted Pain Train

I didn't realize that the pain train could hop off its tracks and find me during running and swimming workouts. HOLY CRAP!!! The li'l devil (IG) has prescribed a new (very exciting!) set of swimming workouts for me -- tailored for my lima bean pool nonetheless. My workout yesterday left me shaking, quivering, and exhausted. It was great!!! Between IG and Charmaine, my swimming workouts are an epic saga everyday:

The heroine gamely steps into the pool, ready for the workout. She knows the journey ahead will be rough and fraught with danger (old people crossing lanes) but dives in regardless.

Chapter 1: First set of 4 x 60 on 10 sec rest, followed by 200 ez pull. Swimming fast is a newly learned skill, and it is not long before her shoulders and arms start to ache. The 200 ez pull is a nice break -- our heroine finds fulfillment in the fact that instead of panting and catching her breath by the pool side, she is continuing to swim instead -- miraculously managing to recover between sets.

Chapter 2: The rest of the workout -- 6 sets of 4 x 60 on 10 sec rest, building intensity up through each set of 4. The sets get harder now and her breath is harder to catch. On the fourth and fifth sets of 60, instead of going super fast, the swimming is almost half-hearted. Her arms are throbbing, her muscles can't... put.. out...anymore. Is it possible one can forget how to swim and just drown in the middle of a workout??

Chapter 3: The Arrival of the Elderly. Water aerobics class starts and the old people crossing the lane in front of our heroine seem to take a perverse pleasure in timing their crossings. Acting affronted when they (gasp!) are splashed, and making a big show that their hair (another gasp!) is slightly wet!!

Chapter 4: The Olympian Enters the Building. The amazing Olympic water nymph enters the lane and starts swimming alongside the quickly fatiguing heroine. The nymph stops her at one point to correct her form and walks alongside until the problem is solved. Our heroine is then given another task on top of her grueling workout -- swim two more lengths under the nymph's supervision.

Chapter 5: The Final Stages. With one more set to go -- she is tuckered to the bone. Building intensity is a moot point -- it's all she can do to swim. The final 60m is a killer -- her shoulders are burning with pain and she is ready to fall asleep where she floats. Then -- it's over!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!! Bliss!

I was so exhausted after that swim workout -- it was awesome!! Core work was next and the 3:00 front plank was the hardest one yet. I didn't want to do it. I wanted to just stop at 1:30. I was saying to myself, "I mean really, what's the big deal? 1:30 is still good. There's no sense in killing myself." But somehow I hung on until 3:00. Side plank leg lifting was next: some on my elbow and some on my hand. Did the rest of my core exercises and then had to get a wiggle on -- My stomach was GROWLING. That intense swimming workout left me famished. I normally eat a big handful of almonds and baby carrots afterward on the return drive, but that didn't even take the edge off my hunger. I was so hungry I thought I was going to get sick.

This gnawing hunger plagued me all day -- I just couldn't seem to eat enough. I was so exhausted after that swimming workout, I crashed and had to have a nap -- I was out like a light. Drool on the pillow (and not from Peanut! LOL!).

Later on was a 60 minute run with strides. My ankle is fantabulous and I made sure my sprints were on the return portion, with the wind at my back. 6.87 miles total.

This morning I got up and felt like I had been run over by a truck. I can't believe how physically demanding that swimming workout was. I guess all you swimmers out there are like, "Well, duh. Of course it is supposed to be like that!" I'm just happy I have progressed to the point where I can actually do it!! :) :):) Yipeee!! :):)


Jenna said...

sound slike you are on a roll :) chuck and I both feel wiped after swimming and they say the intense hunger can be caused from lowering your body temp in the pool - a quick sauna afterwards or hottub can ward it off a bit :)
You are a rocking!

Keith said...

The other thing is that you are burning a lot more energy than just the swimming might indicate. You're trying to break muscle memory, which is hard, so you haven't gotten into the groove of a new speed, and find the efficiencies there.

Kelly B. said...

My hunger pains are always in the middle of the night...trying to have a snack before bed even though they say that is the worst time to eat!! I will take sleep over just about anything...