Saturday, April 12, 2008

Olympic Collision!!

Something happened yesterday that has never happened to me before... In fact, it may have never happened to anyone else on the planet EVER!!! I laughed so long and hard afterwards -- and everyone in the pool stopped what they were doing to come and see.

Okay, first I have to tell you about my workout. I was to swim steady for 45 minutes. Things started off well -- I was churning out lap after lap getting into the zone. I lost count a couple of times, and decided to just keep swimming. About 40 minutes into the workout I started to notice a lot of water in my ears. I could also feel something on the back of my neck. The next lap I swam, I felt like a parachute was on the back of my neck. My swim cap had blown off (all that speed, I'm sure LOL!!!) and was caught in my goggles and dragging behind my head. Of course I had to stop and fix this mess -- I probably looked like such a dork -- I don't know how long I was swimming like that! LOL!!

When I looked at my watch, I still had about 5 minutes to go. I swam a few more laps, and then did some arm twirling exercises and then some super fast kicking. It was funny, this young girl in the next lane asked me while I was kicking on the side, "Does that make your kick stronger?" I said, "I hope so!" LOL!! By this time the old folks had taken over the pool for their daily water aerobics class, so a number of us crowded into the one lane that was left. My ex-Olympian super-star swimmer had arrived by this point and we quickly settled into our routine of swimming up the right side of the lane and then coming back down the left. Very quickly, our third swimmer exited the pool and it was just the two of us. (My workout was long over, but any chance I get to swim with Char is too good an opportunity to pass up!)

Now this is the AWESOME part. I made the assumption that as there was just the two us in the lane, we would each just swim on our own side. Char made the assumption that we would continue as we were. I swam to other end of the pool and when I turned around and started swimming back, I couldn't see her at all. Meanwhile, Char had started swimming butterfly and didn't see me. The 2 lifeguards and the swimmer who had just left our lane could see what was happening and waited for the collision. Now -- what happened next was a strange combination of luck, weirdness, and perfection. There I am swimming front crawl at Char, and there is Char swimming butterfly at me. At this one precise moment, just when my left arm came up to take a stroke, Char's arms came up in her butterfly stroke. We were both underwater when our armpits locked and we both stopped dead. Our bodies, legs, and arms, fit precisely together in this weird jigsaw puzzle thing!!! I didn't know what was going on -- I was thinking she was showing me some new move!! Char was the one who disentangled her arm first and in doing so,we both rose to the surface. We were both laughing so hard-- I mean by all rights, we should have banged heads -- but this strange collision was absolutely pain free. It was so weird --you couldn't replicate that if you tried!! I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears -- Char kept saying, "That has never happened to me before!" LOL!! HAHAHAHAHAH! One moment we were both swimming, the next moment we were stopped dead in our tracks!! LOL!!

We were laughing so hard staff came out from the front to see what was going on. I giggled to myself all day too!!

I did core work after and then later on I went for my first run. I only went for just over 30 minutes. My ankle was great, but I knew that 30 minutes was the most it wanted to do.

:) :) :) :) I am still giggling from the swim crash!! LOL!!


Shannon Keith Wicks said...

LOL, that is such a crazy crash. Glad to see everyone was A-OK.

Gratz on the run btw, I bet you are feeling good now that you have started up again.

Keep up the great work, you are a Rock-Star.

Keith said...

How cool is that? Good thing you didn't meet head on; at the speeds you were going it could have been bad.

Susi said...

oh Mo and I crashed head on in the pool once, hurt SO bad. i'm glad that you guys did and were just doing pool twister!! LOL.

Jenna said...

leave it to you to crash into an Olympian and not get hurt ..funny :)

Alan Keller said...

LOL...I would love to have been there to see that!