Friday, April 4, 2008

Another pain train -- woohoo!!

The slug bug has been making its rounds-- I was feeling pretty sluggish today too, although it was no mystery to me. Sorry, lads but the only mention I will make of the "monthlies" is in this sentence. So -- I was a bit worried about my monster bike workout that l'il devil IG had prepared for me. I made sure I ate a huge plate of cannelloni a few hours before -- quick aside here:

Has anyone else discovered Olivieri pasta?? Holy Crap!! It is already prepared --the directions actually say you can't cook it for longer than 2-3 minutes!! Now,that's MY kind of cooking!! LOL!! The cannelloni was the same thing: Dump sauce under it and on it, then cover and cook for 20 minutes. I still surprise Mike with my triathlon-appetite! LOL!! I ate half of the package and that just satisfied me. Hahahahaha!!

IG had gently increased my workout compared to last Thursday -- watts increased a bit, and one more set was added. My 2:15 workout looked like this:

Main set of 2 sets of 6:
3 min. @ 170- 190W/ 2 min @ 100 -110W

I kept waiting to feel the sluggishness overtake me but the weird thing was, nothing happened. I actually felt great the entire ride!! Woohhooo!! It was an effort and I can see how these bike workouts that hover just under my all out ability are making me stronger -- STRONG LIKE BULL!! LOL!! Hahahahah! (I am a Taurus by the way!! LOL!!)

I have also changed tactics in my bid for the ultimate chinup -- Because I am a puny dit (especially in my upper body strength), my chinup attempts had to be temporarily sidelined because I hurt my wee little arm. So ---- are you READY for this??? I've decided I will do pushups until I am strong enough to try the chinups again. Tuesday,I started my little regime:

3 sets of 6 pushups!! This is fabulous for me because last year I could only do 2 pushups and that was a day!!! LOL!! So, yesterday, I continued my quest for the chinup and did another 3 sets of 6. :) :)


Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Olivieri pasta is da bomb! We pick a package of that stuff every grocery day.

Get going on those push-ups G.I. JANE!!!!

Cath said...

Pushups the way to go hey?! Will really help your arms for your swimming too!

Back into my own training today, had a bad week after flying back from Canada - that and working completely knocked us both out. But today is the day of the bike ride, so get the heart pumping again!

Will let you know when our flight is booked - will probably land day before Osoyoos - maybe stop via Fernie on the way home??

Julie said...

Ooh! I would definitely do that!! I am so excited to see you guys again when it is actually summer outside!! :) :)