Thursday, April 24, 2008

Earth Day in the Crowsnest Pass?

I carry my water bottle with me everywhere I go. Even when I go to Timmy's for coffee with my Dad. Normally I have it filled, but yesterday I asked the lady at the counter if she would fill it for me. My Dad and I moved over to the side to wait for our two coffees and my water. The lady turned on the faucet at the little side sink and just let it run while she took another order. I stood there staring at the all this water blasting down the sink, feeling guilty because it was my fault!!

Then, when our two coffees were ready, I noticed how our coffees were in plain Tim Horton's paper cups, but she had given us two roll up the rim cups as well. What the heck is the point of this?? Why not just give us our coffees in the roll up the rim cups? Of course, then I started looking around the joint and saw that everyone had double the cups. I have no idea why this Tim Horton's does this -- it's like people can't wait to drink their coffee, they have to drink their coffee while they roll up the rim. Only in the Pass, I tell you...

So, after I did my part for the environment (LOL!!!!!!) I had a great 60 min. run with strides. I was so pleased because I didn't have droopy eyelids after the morning's swim!! YAY!! I was tired mind you, and there was a definite disconnect between what my brain told my legs to do and what my legs actually did, but all in all it was great!! LOL!

Wednesdays have become super speed day. Yesterday morning there was speed work -- lots of speed and lots of porn star panting at each end of the pool. 8 sets of 5 x 20 on 10 sec rest with 100 ez between each. I am so thrilled with my progress!!! I know I am improving as I am actually finishing IG's workouts in the time allotted for them (and with room to spare!!) YAY!!! :) :):)

I popped in the hot tub afterwards (thanks for the suggestion Jenna) and it does seem to help with the ravenous hunger afterwards. Also, (nod to Keith), along with my little plastic baggies(which I reuse btw!!LOL!) of almonds and baby carrots I usually eat on the drive home, I've now added a hard boiled egg. That fends off the hunger beast for a while. :) :)

Gotta go and decide where we are going to dine tonight -- we might drive to Fernie and go to the Lizard Creek Lodge. I haven't decided yet --Happy B-day to me!! :) :)

The Big 33!!!!! :) :) :) :)


Susi said...


Dinner at Lizard Lodge sounds like a brilliant plan. I like it there.

I was thinking maybe Kelsey and I should pop down one weekend for a visit to go riding!

runningman said...

Happy Bday! My 33rd bday was April 13th. :P We're close to twins!!

Julie said...

Susi -- you guys are welcome ANYTIME!!! We have a spare bed, and you guys could crash here, if you don't mind having doggies and kitties sleeping with you!!!! :) :):)

Jenna said...

Happy Birthday!!! Lots of April babes in this group!! You make 33 look great :)

I must clarify, it was Chuck who learned about the body temperature thing - he read it somewhere and told me about it as a way to explain us eating my fridge bare and sleeping like slobbering fools after a good swim!!!

Alan Keller said...

Happy Birthday!

Cath said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CRAZY KID, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hope you have/ had a great day - say hi to Fernie for us. If you get too tired to drive back you can always stay over at our place!

Chat soon and have a glass of sparkling water on us!

Lots of love xxx

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Happy 33rd Birthday.

I hit 33 back on the 9th!

Cath said...

You're all too young - only jut hitting the 33 mark! I hit 39 in a couple of months and Jase hit the big 40 only last week. Enjoy it! Actually, we're enjoying it anyhow, and life's only a number - depends what you make of it!

Susi said...

i second cath - holy hannah you guys are all PUPPIES!!! LOL. oh well, even though i'm 'old' i still dress like i'm 12. tee hee.

as for sleeping with dogs and kitties, i'm all for it. just need allergy pill. (have no fear, although i'm allergic to both dogs and cats, I have two cats and am the first to bury my face into a puppy and hug em and squeeze em and...I LOVE THEM!)

Kelly B. said...

I only got as far as "porn star panting"...but see from these comments it is your Birthday!!

So have a good one and lots of good wishes from Saskatoon!!

Charlie Browne said...

Happy birthday Jules....all great things came upon this earth in April!!

qtlibrarian said...

Happy Birthday! I am the biggest birthday floozy out there so be sure to make a HUGE deal out of it! Your birthday and Earth day how can one day have so much!

Sadly the exact same thing happens at Tim's in Calgary. I refused my rollup cup and they looked at me like I was insane and then rolled it up when they thought I wasn't looking!

My roomie in Califorina would leave the water running so it would get cold it drove me bonkers!!!

And I'm so in for a road trip!

Iron Greg said...

Happy Birthday Kiddo!! Welcome to the world of 33!! Only a month until I leave that world and enter.... 34?? Ouch!! :)
Doesn't matter because I still feel young!!
Hope you had a fantastic day, and I will talk with you soon!!! :)

Keith said...

You guys are all so young!! I sure hope you're enjoying it. Who was it who said "Youth is wasted on the young."?

I have a buddy younger than me who has children your age.


Jenna said...

oh and Tim;s double cups so you don;t burn your little hands .... you puppies!! I say we get BETTEr with age - at least I have!! I am better at laundry, cooking, cleaning, ignoring the cries of my children, turning of my cell phone and ignoring people who bug - SO MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TO!

John Prince said...

Happy 33rd Birthday, Julie! From one of your BIGGEST fans... moi!!! From how you described how hungry you were, I bet you ate the WHOLE cake. :-) LOL!!!

Ah, Timmy's... the place I love to go to, but the one that drive's me absolutely crazy with the 'waste' involved in their 'roll up the rim' promo. You'd think they would wake up to this fact! :-( Maybe, nobody has told them... ??? Or maybe, not enough of us have...