Saturday, April 19, 2008

Can I start today over?

My plans for today included sleeping in -- instead I was awoken by the unmistakable sound of a cat regurgitating. As I lay in bed, I thought to myself, "Why can't they puke on the hardwood floor? Why do they always move towards the carpet?" Ahhh well. I was so bleary eyed that I ended up dumping way too much carpet cleaner on the carpet. At least it's cleaned up! I have to get up and clean it right away, otherwise one of the other animals will eat it. I discovered this one day -- I have only caught Peanut doing it once, but I'm sure they all have done it. GROSS. And then they lick my face. Nice.

Then I had an accident at the computer with my protein shake. I'm the worst person for food at the computer -- worse than a kid. We don't have television (well,we get one channel), so I watch shows via the internet. I'll eat grapefruit that squirts on the computer screen. Eeeep. The protein shake spilled all over the chair, the floor and on the printer tray. I bet you didn't know how many cracks and crevasses there are on a printer tray. And, the ground flax and wheat bran mixed in is reminiscent of actual vomit. I cleaned the little cracks with Q-tips and kept wedging in a sheet of paper towel to get into the other places. Hoping Mike won't notice... ;)

Thursday's bike workout got the best of me. I was on the last set of 3 (175 - 190W) and my legs just couldn't take it anymore. I know it was because of my swimming exertions this past week. I ended up pedaling away for the remainder of the workout, happy to have completed as much as I had. I got hit by the pain train.

Jenna -- I took your advice and popped into the hot tub after Friday's swim. And, Keith -- I took along some extra food for those extra calories I burned. Thanks guys! Sometimes it's the simplest advice that makes such a big difference! :) :)

OH--I almost forgot:

HAPPY 40th JASON!!!!!!! Wish I was there to see Cath all gussied up in high heels AND a dress!! :) :) :) :) :)


Keith said...

I'm surprised nobody has thought of marketing an alarm clock that uses the sound of a cat spewing. You know, a really good one that they put their heart and soul into, complete with the hiccuping noises, and the moisty splash of the result landing on the floor, or cushion, or rug. Again and again. I often think that cats enjoy doing this, at least on some level.

Your poor computer! Though I lost a keyboard, a really good one that I really liked, to an orange juice incident. No I didn't spray it while reading a blog, just knocked over what I thought was an empty glass. I always eat my first breakfast (OJ and banana and vitamin pill) while reading my morning web pages. That's at home. Then my second breakfast is at work with granola and yogurt. I'm more awake and considerably more careful. It's a pretty safe bet Mike won't notice, as long as the printer actually works.

Kelly B. said...

I don't have animals but have I have cleaned up poop, puke, more poop and more puke, wiped runny noses, had them sneeze directly in my face, give me slobbery kisses, pee on my business suit, I could to on but...

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

LOL, I can appreciate animals waking up on your day to sleep in.

Looks like you had a great week of training. Way to go Jules!

Cath said...

Thanks for the birthday message for Jase - we had a really good weekend, and he really enjoyed his birthday - lots of spoiling and lots of treats - and why not when you're 40!

Sounds like you're having lots of fun out there.

Catch up soon
Cath x