Sunday, April 20, 2008

Looong run!! :) :)

This morning I drove to Sparwood so I could do my long run with Charmaine's hubby, Stuart. Just like me and Char gabbing away in the pool, Stuart and I chatted away the entire run. I have never ran with anyone before -- let alone talk the entire way!! I found that yakking gets you out of breath faster than just running ... imagine that!! LOL!

But it was so much fun!!! I think I am really gelling to the idea of having training partners -- maybe it's because I've been so lucky at meeting great people. :) :) We ended up running 14.15 miles total I think -- I noticed my shoe pod battery died as I got in the car, so I am not sure when it conked out, but we ran 2:17 nonetheless. We were evenly matched so the run was just AWESOME.

That said, the weather sucked. It snowed all day yesterday and all night last night. The temperature this morning was -11 and I was fully garbed in my heavy long johns (Sorry Jenna,I wore mine inside my tights!! LOL!!) and gloves, toque, ear warmers, and neck warmer. Imagine my surprise when I see Char's hubby come strolling up to my car sans hat or mitts. He is originally from Australia and I am thinking, "Dude. Aren't you cold??" I even offered him my ear warmers but he declined. Why do I feel like such a winter weather weenie? :) :):)

We had a fantastic conversation and solved most of the world problems today. :) Charmaine and him (and their daughter) have spent the last 5 years sailing around the world in a boat. Just the three of them. For five years. Char home-schooled her daughter throughout the voyage, and the three of them bonded in ways many families could never imagine. They even sailed to Antarctica where a miscalculation could spell death. Amazing stories!! The coolest thing is how they are transitioning to living back on land. Particularly, the observation of how you need so much stuff to live but somehow balance that need with the rampant consumerism that plagues our culture.

After our run, Stuart said, "Maybe we can run a marathon next time -- we'll just keep talking!" LOL!!! I figure all this conversing whilst running is quite beneficial for increasing my lung capacity. LOL!!

Charmaine had cut up fruit and made muffins afterwards -- she even offered the use of their shower (which I will definitely take up next time as I froze my buns off on the drive home). I stretched a tiny bit but was having so much fun talking to Charmaine that I bypassed my usual routine. We agreed we will just have to spend a whole day talking next week. LOL!!! My kind of people. :):)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :):)


Kelly B. said...

5 years on a boat? WOW!! That is fascinating. What interesting people! Please tell us more stories!

John Prince said...

..."the observation of how you need so much stuff to live but somehow balance that need with the rampant consumerism that plagues our culture"... Good Stuff, Julie!

It's my observation, people are tuning in to this little bit of reality. With the sub-prime mortgage crisis and at least two more coming down the pike (commercial real estate and debt (credit cards, loans, etc.)), people need to re-evaluate the 'bill of goods' we have been sold.

Read a little, laugh a little, exercise, stay healthy, get connected, and 'enjoy' life with all your heart and soul. That pretty much sums up you... Julie! :)

Jenna said...

Great new buds you have made there I think Julie!!

qtlibrarian said...

Moving has made me realize how much stuff I accumuliate. I"m facing a future of a nomad so I am starting to learn to live with less.

Don't get me started on consumerism!!