Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Who is the push up master?

I am the push up master!! In keeping with my assault on the chin up bar -- my push ups took on a life of their own: First set was 8 (and not the dinky girly kind either LOL!!), next set was .. 10!! Third set was 10 as well!! I am so happy, I can't wait to try the chinups.

Bike today was a steady dogged effort: 2 hours with main workout of 8 sets of 7 min @ 150-165W/ 3 min @ 100-110W. I was riding the Ironman Switzerland course today! :) On the fifth and seventh set, I stood for the majority of the 7 min -- there was a hill that was giving my legs some grief. By the last set the pain train had rode up my quads and decided to stay there!! I had a great workout!!

Mike and I got a lot accomplished today as well. Our tiny house is finally getting cleaned up and organized. Yay! My spazzing out at having a messy space is starting to tone down too -- as the mess disappears so does my temper. ;)

I have a date with my massage chair thingy now -- it's a chair pad that fits on any chair and plugs into the wall and feels soooooooo good. I have hauled out the chair to the living room and am going to watch a movie now. Gotta rest up for tomorrow's swim!!


Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Massage = gud!

I had a massage on Tuesday evening and feel like a born-again triathlete today...good times

Nice work in the push-ups!

qtlibrarian said...

I bow down to the master of the push up. I'm still weak and do the girly kind! I hear you on the decluttering. Suddenly I'm a lot happier having all of my stuff sorted!

Susi said...

awesome job on the push ups and decluttering! you and kelsey should have done before and after shots. lol.

Kelly B. said...

Good job on the push-ups!! Declutter your space, declutter your mind