Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lips of a Nutcho

I am going to share something that not very many people know about me -- I sing to my animals all the time. But not just any old song -- my forte is adapting current songs to my babies. I substitute my own lyrics and then sing away. The above video is for the benefit of Cath and Jason who hadn't heard of the song "Lips of an Angel " by Hinder. Actually it's good to have a listen to just to remind yourself of how it goes, because my latest creation is truly a masterpiece. I worked on this as Mike and I drove home late one night from Calgary, after a full day at IKEA. It's the longest song I have made for any of the babies to date, and if you are lucky, and if Jenna has her karaoke machine, I just might sing it for ya!! LOL!! Here goes:

Peanut why you meowing at me so late
I'm tired and I want to go to sleep
Diva and Toby don't want to play
And neither does little Mandalay

Oh Peanut, you cutie
Your big gold eyes look at me
I guess I'll always have to give in

CHORUS: (I sing this with the rocker's raspy yelling voice too !! LOL!)
Cuz Peanut when you meow at me
In the middle of the night
It sounds so sweet
Saying "move on over, I'm coming on up
Make room for me."
Little Nut
I love you oh so much
For you I will wake up
And the drool will be all over my pillow --
From the lips of the Nutcho

LOL!!! Did I mention Peanut sleeps on my head every night and drools all over my hair? Hahaha!!

Today's workout was biking for 105 minutes: 2 sets of 4 with 4 min @ 170-190W/2min 100-110W. Whew! My legs were sore, I was tired, and I was glad when it was over. I still surprise myself when I feel crappy and can still churn out a good workout. Afterwards,I did three sets of 10 push ups --I did the second set really fast because Peanut came around the corner and was looking to jump on my back!! LOL!!

Also --I received my box of goodies from today. I tried the AccelGel in citrus orange and vanilla. The orange was all right but the vanilla was sinfully fantastic. It tasted just like vanilla cake batter -- that is always my favourite part of making a cake -- eating the batter that's left in the bowl. Yummy!!! I don't know if I could handle that much high fructose corn syrup on a long ride, but I am going to jazz around with different flavours. I like that the gel has a carb/protein thing happening as opposed to just carbs. More nutrition to tinker with. I also bought a new tri top (that I totally did not need, but hey, it was ON SALE!!) And, because the original top I ordered had just sold, they threw in a free pair of socks (so awesome, they say I love tri on the sides). I wore my new ensemble on my Computrainer today too-- just me, Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Jackie Scantlebury (sp?) LOL!!


Susi said...

you are insane! i like that!!

Keith said...

That is so sweet! We sing to our cats all the time. It's amazing how expressive a furry face can be.

Sounds like a great workout. One of these days I'll have to hook up to a trainer and see if I can break 100 watts.

I have a new theory about getting through workouts when you're feeling crappy. It's part of the mind training. If you workout when you're feeling ugg, then your body will stop feeling ugg because it will gradually learn that feeling ugg doesn't change your plans. And that gets your mind feeling better, which is a feedback loop. Eventually, if you keep at it, you'll go out there and kick everyone's tail, and nobody will believe you when you tell them that you're feeling ugg.

How does that go? When the going gets ugg, the uggers become champs. Well, something like that.

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

"How much is that puppy in the window, the one with the poop on her tail"

My tune for Mabel.

Too funny to read about other crazies...err, I mean people who do this as well. - Have you ordered from them before? I am hoping to try some carbro 1200. IG doesn't have any at his place yet and there is nar a tri shop in all of nova scotia.

Kelly B. said...

I sing to my kids too...but usually always in rap..."Who's my favorite 5 year old? Uh Huh!! Uh Huh!" And we dance hip hop around the living room...

Jenna said...

wow!! another hidden talent!!

Charlie Browne said...

i wonder what doctor phil would say if he read

Andrew said...

Excellent! I love the pet lyrics - my wife and I do that for our dogs sometimes.