Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday, Jehovah Day

I live half a block away from our local "Kingdom Hall", but had not been the subject of the Saturday morning visit for quite some time now. I think it has been because Diva and Toby are usually outside and bark like mad fools when anyone walks by. Today however,the girls were inside and I heard this polite knock on my door. Here I am on a Saturday morning, the house is a mess, I am trying to work on my History (yes it is capitalized!) essay, and I am thinking -- Oh no! Who is it? My house is a pig sty! My hair is all over the place. ACK!!!!

Sure enough it was two nicely dressed gentlemen who handed me their little pamphlet. D and T go barking out there, Toby jumps up on one of them and suddenly . . . Diva pukes!!!!! She puked all over one man's trousers and all over Toby's back!!! I rushed to wet a paper towel, grabbed a roll, and hurried back to the two men. I felt so bad -- the poor guy was all dressed nicely and here Diva comes and pukes on him!! And the thing is SHE HAS NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!! I mean she has puked, but never all over someone. The poor man, was just kind and nice, and then he complimented me for being so "hospitable"!!! Oh Man, just think how blown away he'd be if I invited him to a proper dinner party!!!! LOL!!! :) :) :)

I was trying so hard not to laugh at the situation. I mean, after 6 years of no visits, the first Jehovah that dares to venture beyond the front gate gets puked on. Classic! I felt terrible for the poor guy -- he was very polite and was not forcefully pushing his religious agenda, or anything. Ahhh well! And here I was worried about what I could possibly write about in my blog today!!!!!

Toby got a bath, and now I have to clean the pukey tub. Who says animals are not as much work as kids? :) :):) :) :)


Charlie Browne said...

Gotta luv a dog that can puke on command!! How is that chinup coming along?

Keith said...

I'm laughing my face off here while trying not to spit good chocolate all over the monitor! I'd have paid money to see that. About time they got some of what they're spewing back.

Jenna said...

lol...can i borrow your dogs?

Cath said...

That was soooo funny! Good ol' Diva, pulls it off when necessary! And, well, Julie - I didn't know what I was going to write today.......know there's a lol moment - you're NEVER short of words! me neither, it has to be said!

So, where's today's entry - I'm having withdrawal symptons! :) Can now say will be in Canada a week on Saturday - yay!