Thursday, March 13, 2008

Running on the "Roadkill Road"

Newly dubbed, by moi, is the Roadkill Road. This is the gravel road I take Diva and Toby on all the time. The last time I took them out,Toby cut one of her toe pads really deep, so I haven't taken them out for a while. Also, that last time, Diva went rummaging through the snow and found what looked to be a super-sized chicken breast with a bit of hair on one side and a big meaty bone on the other. You must realize -- this dog is stone-blind yet always manages to find a bone from some deceased animal. Honestly, it's like hunters kill animals and leave the carcasses to rot here in town. I mean I don't really know for sure, but it is uncanny how many animal parts Diva has been able to find.

So, Diva had this big disgusting thing in her mouth and had such a look of contentment I couldn't take it away from her. She was in ecstasy -- she ran with it, then would lay down on the side of the road and just gnaw and slobber all over it. She took it home with her and ended up eating the whole thing!! UGH!!! Diva has guts of steel, but oh brother, she has been farting ever since. Really, really, really stinky ones too -- the kind that wake you up at 3:00 am gasping and saying, "Oh My God Diva!!!!!"

So, today,when Diva disappeared for a moment and then ran by me carrying a stick, I didn't think too much of it. That is, until I saw the end of the "stick" flopping back and forth like a wrist. I was almost too afraid to see, but I did... it was a frigging deer leg!!! OH YUCK!!! This time I had no qualms -- "Diva, DROP it!" and she is such a good little doggy that she did. So there is this deer leg lying out in the middle of the road now! hee-hee!

My buddies from England are going to be here soon and I am so excited to see them -- Cath if you get a chance to read this-- we are going to have a great visit, but I am going to make sure you get enough rest!!!! You have been sick, and do not need to make up anymore workouts -- you just have to get better. We will visit and visit, but I am not going to tire you out. :) :):)

Onto the workouts -- Bike of 2 hours then brick. Ran 3.62 miles That was it! :) :) Nite!!


Jenna said...

so....will you make your company put the deer leg (so profoundly described as a flopping wrist) in the trash or does it just stay there until another doggie takes it home? lmao

qtlibrarian said...

There is a highway outside of Calgary that's the same. We were biking last summer and trying to come up with a hand signal for road kill!

This makes me reconsider my recent thoughts on getting a pup of my own!

Cath said...

Hey there, in 9 hours we'll be leaving our place to go to the airport - and that includes sleep time so not much waking hours left - yay! CAN'T WAIT to see you, we'll have a fab time - as long as Diva stops eating dead animals that is!