Sunday, March 9, 2008

Poll Closed -- IG's pants officially clean

Well, my first poll has closed now and the results are in: 74% thought IG's pants would have have serious poop in them. And for the real story?? IG accepted it all without a blink. Cool as a cucmber that one! ;)

I had a great 18.04 mile run this morning. Total miles this week: 42.24. It occurred to me today whilst running, that all those miles you put in are really only for the last 6 or so miles of the race. Because that is when all the training (mental too) pays off. The first few miles are nothing -- it's those last miles of crap you have to prepare yourself for!!

This last week I particularly noticed my personal challenge of getting enough to eat for the workouts I am doing. If I am not fueled properly --the next day I feel like I got hit by a truck. So, my goal for this week is to remember to carry extra nuts, bananas, yogurt, and Nutri Grain bars with me wherever I go. I get busy, and won't have anything to eat, and then it is too late. So -- no more excuses!

My arm is feeling good, so I'll be back to the old chinup bar tomorrow! But, I am going to replace weights this week with yoga. My hips are getting tight again -- and it will be a good break from weights for me.


Cath said...

JULIE - Jase'll go mad if you haven't been eating right - I'd have kept that one a secret!

Must admit though, know what you mean - I'll sometimes run out of the house without any breakfast, get to work and the day takes over with people and problems, then before you know it it's 3pm and I'm truly STARVING!

Well, today, we went swimming - not just me and Jase, but his Mum (who's visiting for the weekend) came with us too - a realy family affair! I did 2 hours on the turbo followed by a 15 min run, then did the swim with the other 2 - was a wee bit pooped when I'd done - not a machine like you, you see!

Anyhow, just 5 full days to go before we get on the plant - I think I;m more excited this time than ever - but not nearly as excited as Lesley and Steve - they're uber excited!

Keep up the training, you superstar you!

Us xx

Jenna said...

WOW!!! You can run!!

Cath said...

HEY THERE - WHERE ARE YOU?! I'm now truly addicted to your daily activities, and don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep without the once-a-day update! It's 10pm UK time, and I'm off to bed in a'll have to be double-divvies tomorrow (that's to get you back in the English lingo ready for the weekend! - it means double servings, of course - hhahahahah! :)