Thursday, March 6, 2008

Breakfast of Champions ...

Thought I'd share my perfect breakfast with you... :) :) :) I used to eat oatmeal every morning, but found I would be really, really hungry around 90 minutes after. I also had trouble with being pretty dehydrated in the mornings - my fingers would already be on their way to prune-hood before I even got in the pool. All, this, my friends, was before we received a "Magic Bullet" for Christmas. (And yes, I totally pilfered that name for my bike!)

Every morning, I mix a smoothie that contains:
  • chocolate milk
  • 2 scoops protein powder
  • big spoonful wheat germ
  • two big spoonfuls ground flax
  • yogurt
  • a small green banana (the green ones taste more like banana in a smoothie for some reason)
  • 4-5 frozen strawberries
Ohhhh!! Heart be still!! It is so good -- I just love it --no more wrinkly fingers in the morning, no more growling stomach right after I eat breakfast! YUMMM!!! The only thing is, the cup is so big, that when I tip it back to drink, the top of the cup hits me right between the eyes. I never noticed until one day, i saw this brown smear on my head, and realized that it was some of my drink crusted there. I usually drink my stuff on the way to the pool, so I checked my glasses, and they too had this debris caked on them!! Ewwww! Like my Dad would say - I'm saving it for later. Hahahahaha!

Yesterday, I ran out of IG schedule so I decided to have a swim drill day. The pool I swim in during the winter months is only 20m, so when I do sets of 50m, I do sets of 60m. I figure the extra swimming might actually help me! So, I did a good warm up, then sort of played around:

  • 60m right arm only
  • 60m swim
  • 60m kick
  • 60m left arm only
  • 60m pull
  • 60 kick
I did this 3x, then ended with a drill pyramid of fisted drills -- I really like these ones. Then, as a finale -- my youtube breaststroke!

Brief aside -- Cath -- I can't wait to see you again!! I can't wait to take lessons from the "Swimming Master"!!!! I am really looking forward to your visit! :) :) Your swimming sounds like it is improving by leaps and bounds -- which is incredible because you are already so GOOD! :)

Later on, I did core work at the gym. Man, there is this one exercise that is surprisingly difficult --I thought the hiatus from plank work would be "easy" but Aye Carumba!! Here is the exercise: You lie down on a mat and hold a weight (I use 8lb) straight up in the air. Then, you stand up any way you can, all the while holding you arm straight up in the air by your ear. Then you lie back down, same thing with your arm. That is one rep. Do 5 on each side, break, then repeat 3 more times. Whoo baby -- dare I say I am looking forward to planks again!! :) :) :)

I tried my daily chin-up attempt, but my left arm was pretty sore from some new weights I did the day before. So, I decided to rest my muscles.

Afterwards, I ran 12. 12 miles -- the first two miles with Diva and Toby. They got absolutely filthy! The wind wasn't too bad, but the temps had dropped making it pretty crisp. Then, some good stretching.


Charlie Browne said...

ok....your new name is super julie!!

Alan Keller said...
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Susi said...

one of my favourite core exercises is to do a pushup (pressing down on two weights though rather than the ground) then when you are in the plank position, rolling into a side plank while holding the weight (which is then extended). not sure if i explained that right, haha. is great though!

i'm an oatmeal fan myself. the smoothie sounds good, i should try it with the almond milk and no yogurt!

Alan Keller said...

Rest your arms! You don't want to strain your muscles and your chin up could be set back my months! Some say YEARS! But I wouldn't trust Some, he just moved here from Jamaica.

Jenna said...

try adding prtein power (like chocolate) to your oatmeal... and I have a great recipe for protein pancakes made with cottage cheese and oatmeal and flavoured with various types of protein make a batch and they stay fresh in the fridge/freezer and are easy to reheat.

qtlibrarian said...


I too have the magic bullet (and LOVE IT) and have the exact same problem. I be at work for hours before someone tells me!

Sigh... thanks for the giggle.

I had the same problem with oatmeal and made the same switch. Through yours smoothie sounds way better then mine! (how do you get all that in those little mugs?)

Cath said...

You make me laugh SO much! Great tonic after a day at work! Great recipe - I've been meaning to try that for ages, but haven't had the time to find a decent recipe - so ta very much!

I'm soooo excited to get over to Canada and can't wait to go swimming - though sounds like you don't need any lessons my girl, you're a-storming like crazy!

I've been a bit sick these last few days, but Jase and I went swimming today - he did 20 lengths non-stop - not bad going eh?! I was swimming along thinking he'll stop any minute, but he just kept going....I was singing to myself "Keep on swimming, just keep in swimming...." - made me giggle to myself! Sad, I know!

Anyhow, count down seriously started - maybe we could get a run in together as well if the weather's, there's a thought!

Julie said...

qtlibrarian -- I don't use those piddly little mugs... I use the BIG ASS one!!! :) :) :)