Monday, March 24, 2008


So, this last week I decided it was time to stop running on the treadmill and run outside. Just like that -- an abrupt decision. Because the pool was closed on Friday, I decided to run just over 12 miles instead. After the run I had some outer ankle pain, but didn't pay too much attention to it. On Sunday, I ran just under 18 miles and ooowwwwwiiieeeee my ankle was starting to hurt. I kept running in the ditch instead of on the harder road surface and it helped a little. But you know the crazy thing was -- the pain wasn't alarming me, I welcomed it. I knew it was the abrupt change of running outdoors that was causing it, and I kept saying to myself, this is actually making my bones stronger. Of course I started thinking of that Kanye West song --but I only use my iPod when I run on a treadmill. Dat, dat, dat, dat , dat don't kill me,will only me make me stronger. Hee-hee! I know IG is probably cringing right now, but I already sent my "confession" to him!!

Later that night, I went to visit my best buds from the UK who have a place in Fernie and my ankle started to swell up. I didn't really notice it until I got home and took my pants off!! LOL! I iced it last night and have been icing it this morning too and it is feeling better, but I won't be running until there is NO PAIN. Swimming is out today too because the pool is still closed, but I'll be going to Fernie on Tuesday for some private one-on-one Cath swim lessons. (And, Jason I know you are going to read "one-on-one" as a pervy comment!! LOL! Maybe Cath and I will do some one-fisted drills later -- Oh Jason, you should be ashamed of yourself! LOL!!) Yes folks, my English friends are just as sick as the rest of the us!! LOL!! :) :)

I had a great visit last night -- and a truly decadent meal. Cath' s sister is a chef extraordinaire!! We feasted on this amazing quiche/torte thing that had roasted garlic and squash and cheese and oh my I got all warm and fuzzy from the candlelight and the good food, I was grinning like the Cheshire cat. Cath and Jase invited Cath's sis and hubby and another friendly couple to stay with them for their little vacation. (Esme made these wickedly delicious brownies earlier--drool!)

So -- there I was the Lone Canuck trying valiantly to explain East vs. West dynamics of Canadian politics, Quebec separation, the nomenclature of currency ie. the "loonie" and the "toonie", and how minnows look like tadpoles. Yes!! I knew that last one would grab ya!!! LOL! I thought everybody knew what a minnow was?? No way! I have no idea what precipitated the whole minnow conversation, but Cath looked quizzically at me and said, "Minnows?" My first response was, "Yeah, you know, minnows!" accompanied by vigorous forefinger waving -- my attempt to emulate a minnow's movement! LOL!! That didn't work, so I went for the visual approach --"Yeah, you know, like before it changes into a tadpole." AAARGGHH!! Yes I KNOW TADPOLES ARE FRIGGING FROGS AND MINNOWS ARE FISH -- but I was just trying to convey what the little suckers looked like, eh? Of course, Jase whips around and says "Fish don't turn into frogs!"

By this point, I had wandered deep into the realm of "Julie's World" where fish DO indeed change into tadpoles, and Van Gogh's ear DID grow back. (Please don't ask.) LOL!!! I thought it best to just retreat!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!

Fish is Fish
A modern fable of a minnow who wants to follow his tadpole friend--who becomes a frog--onto land. "A superior book, simple, but eye-catching." --School Library Journal

We had a great time talking about all the different colloquialisms in the UK --there are so many! And, once in a while, a strange cultural crossover occurred, and I could provide the North American equivalent. Although I have to admit, "knickers in a twist" sounds much more civilized than "panties in a knot!" LOL!!! :) :) :)

Did everyone read how Susi did the 3:00 min plank too? Holy Crap --it took her like 3 tries!! You are "The Plank", Susi!! :) :):) Oh yeah, and for Steve -- here is"How You Do the Plank." (Quit lurking and post a comment already!! LOL!)

The Plank and The Side Plank


Jenna said...

yeah Steve, quit creeping and join in the fun....

Julie, went to the Dollarama yesterday when I was wandering down the isles and came across discount knicker liners called "Julie" - I almost got some for you just for jokes :)

Take care of your ankle. I also got this ankle thing (support thing) at the dollarama that has a hole for the heel and goes on like a sock, it fits half way down your foot and half way up your shin....I thought it might cover my hotspot in my runner - it was a buck and worth a try. I also have a tendon that works its way over my ankle bone after about 15k and then I have to keep running thru the pain and it eventually snaps back to where it is suppose to be. The physic chick said it will only do "that" so many times ...haha!!

Susi said...

oooh, fun with foreigners, i love that game as it works both ways.

when i was travelling through Aus i met a really nice German gal. one morning i passed her and said 'hey!' in greeting. she asked me what that meant so i made up a story about how instead of canadians saying 'hello eh!' we now just say 'hey!'. yup, she believed it. haha.

i have so many favourite brit sayings, they really are better than the cdn versions.

too bad we didn't all live near each other, we could go see the new movie 'run fat boy run'!

Cath said...

HAHAHAHA! It was fun wasn't it! Well, all the others have gone for a ski on the mountain today, but Jase and I have stayed in (as the drains are blocked and the plumbers had to come round to clean it out - just what you need when it's a sunny day and you're on vacation :) I did a 1 hour turbo this morning followed by a 20 min run, but unfortunately now can't have a shower until the water's turned back on - mmmmm....lovely! ANyhow, see ya tomorrow Julie for a go in the pool, can't wait!

PS Love the plank photos - going to have a go myself later I think, you've all got me intrigued!

runningman said...

ahhhh finally someone explains/shows a picture. All this plank talk is driving me crazy. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

Susi said...

okay, who is steve and how do we know he's creeping around?!

Cath said...

Psst Julie - it wasn't Steve, it was Jason's dad Loz who wanted to all about the plank! And I don't think Loz'll be up to any planks anytime soon! Though he is a mean little skier!

Julie said...

Ooops!! Sorry Steve-o, poor guy, always getting picked on... LOL!!!