Thursday, March 6, 2008

Brick Day

I am making great strides in the completion of my history assignment -- I take Athabasca University courses, because I have finally decided what to do with my life!! Normally I chug right along, but these last two courses have had me turn into a major procrastinator. That is not my normal state -- so it has been a blow to my pride (mainly) that I have had to purchase an extension! Oh well --all things in good time, right?

Today I biked 90 minutes -- warm up, 3 x 1min one leg drills (1 min right leg, 1 min easy, etc), then cadence along the lines of: 3 min at 105rpm, then 3 min at 90rpm. Afterwards, I hopped off my bike and put my running clothes on my sweaty body and headed off for my 30 min. brick. It was very windy, so I was really happy that I ran 3.72 miles in that time.

A little fatigued today, so weights are out. I got dressed up -- means clothing other than workout gear, but no makeup though -- and smiled sweetly at my Mike to take me out for dinner. I really don't want to cook -- and he doesn't like to eat what I cook. I'm all about easy stir fry, yogurt with fruit in it, chicken breasts and broccoli -- poor guy just wants his Hamburger Helper. So, tomorrow HH is on the menu, and I'll be having stir fry!! Don't get me wrong, I'll eat HH too -- I don't enjoy cooking -- I like to eat NOW -- not dick around in the kitchen. We don't have a dishwasher so each pot or pan that dinner needs is another one I have to wash. I'd like to put a bumper sticker above the stove that says "I'd rather be training!" LOL!!!!! :) :) :)


Keith said...

How nice that you know what you're going to do when you grow up. I keep saying to myself that I really do need to figure that out one of these years. I took a bunch of U of Ath courses, back when you had to mail paper back and forth. Mostly it was good, till I hit the accounting one and my brain exploded.

Where does one go for dinner in Blairmore, Coleman, or Frank? Or did you go as far as Sparwood? My wife and I have the opposite problem, she loves to cook, and I love to eat what she cooks. To say nothing of the woman at a place Susi and I both worked who was plotting to fatten us all up and sell us by the pound. That's why I'm working so hard on the weight loss thing. Looong way to go.

Susi said...

i despise cooking! i swear, one day i will win the lottery and have a full time chef, haha. then it'll be nothing but sushi and curries! mmmm. dammit, sushi craving just hit. sigh. wonder if there is a sushi place open this early?!

Jenna said...

So did the sweet little smile work or was it the fear of eating what you might cook that made him take you out

qtlibrarian said...

I have the opposite problem. I LOVE to cook and try new recipes but I've been so tired lately that I haven't had any chance to research new ones! So it's been nothing but stir-fries and eggs/omelets and salads for the whole week!

So what did you decided to do with your life? I'm going through the same transition right now too!

Cath said...

Oh my dear Julie, all I can say, is that I do hope Jase doesn't read today's entry, otherwise you're in BIIIGGG trouble! After all those cooking lessons over in Fernie....:)

PS How is our Mike? Say a big hi from us and see you REAL soon!