Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Li'l Stinker and Other Social Blunders

I have a terrible habit of saying the wrong things at the wrong times to the wrong people! I never set out to do it -- it is just a gift!! LOL!! Here are a few gems:
  • Today, I picked up Chinese food and told the lady at the counter how I would never buy a hot tub because I wouldn't want to have the responsibility of cleaning it -- She actually sells hot tubs for a living (and works part-time at the Chinese place).
  • The time I let it slip among people I didn't know too well that I believed "golfing isn't a REAL sport."
  • The time I was tongue tied, and was telling Cath's hubby Jason about my new blender -- but I couldn't remember what it was called. But I did remember reading the side of the box and it being called a personal drink blender -- but it came out sounding like a vibrator.
  • The worst so far -- a few years ago we had rain for two weeks and everyone was talking about how wet it was. Yes, I know you can tell where this is going. Small town etiquette requires a "Hello. How are you?" to everyone you see. This man asked me the usual question, and I said ... "Oh! I'm wet!" -- Oh Lord, Mike still bugs me about that one. In fact, he has suggested getting a life coach to follow me around! Hahahahaha! LOL!!
All that pasta yesterday and perogies today made me a ticking time bomb on the treadmill. Like Chuck, I try to be discreet, but all I am saying is that I was so glad there was not very many people there AND the music was really loud!!! Eeeeep.

Swam 70 min. today: Warm up, drills, then 6x 250 on 30 sec rest. Core work at the gym, then I had to knuckle up and do some planking for the gang!! Still at 2min. 30sec for front, now up to 1 min on each side. I did two chinup attempts when my left shoulder went again. So,I took a break then did two more just to make sure I really screwed it up! Owwwwwieeee! OK, no more chinups for a while now. Sorry guys! :( But, they will be a work in progress. :) :)

Ran 7.14 miles with 2 sets of 10 min at tempo.


Charlie Browne said...

LMAO......great workout!! As much as i would love to attend a chinup party in the very near future please take it easy on the shoulder!

Jenna said...

lol...OMG - I could somany plac with this post but I do not know you well enough and your mother reads A personal Life Coach might be a good idea:)

Ys - no more chin ups until your shoulder feels better it is very hard to swim straight with one arm.

Susi said...

you are a triathlete, therefore farting is more than acceptable - it's expected!! LOL.

Jenna said...

wouldn't that make your a cinqathlete...

swim, bike, run, plank and fart?

qtlibrarian said...

I never know that the two when hand in hand?

I got a ride from a triathlete and when I grabbed my bag out of the trusk I spot the Costco sized jar of Vaseline and thought to myself this sport is so classy!

I am classic foot-in-mouth'er. I've made the statement "I love my Magic Bullet" and people assume I'm not talking about a personal blender!

Jenna said...

Julie - go check your email _ i have a few questions about the CT.Thanks Jenna

Julie said...

Hey Jenna!I just sent you an epic email!! Hee-hee! Enjoy!! Just about to hop on my CT now!!

Cath said...

I remember that one with Jase - hilarious!But I love the wet day one even more . You have me in stitches!

I've missed a couple of workouts this week - the usual, off on hols at the weekend, so need to tie everything up before we go stuff - but will make up for it when we get to Canada. Was planning on biking and running outside, but looking at the forecast that's not going to happen over the next few days - fair bit snow a-coming down! In 36 hours we'll be on the plane - yay!