Saturday, March 8, 2008

Time for a new swimsuit!!

Well our night on the town amounted to smoky bacon and cheddar burgers at the Rum Runner's in Coleman. The Crowsnest Pass is the weirdest place -- half of the restaurants are closed on Mondays, the other half are closed maybe on Tuesdays or whenever they feel like it. So, our usual haunt was closed (I think the owners went to Vegas) and we resorted to good ole' burgers.

My swimsuit finally pooched and it's time for a new one. It's funny, one day it's fine -- the next... WHAM! And the suit is sagging and taking on water every time I push off the wall. And why is it that swimsuits always wear out on the bum first? You can't see your bum -- how can you check to see? HAHAHAHA -- Susi, I guess if you touched someone's bum, "and they stopped" maybe they might get the idea!! LOL!! All those old gals that do water aerobics in the morning, parade on by and I see the varying stages of decomposition of their swimsuits. Swimsuits should come with a warning tag attached to them: "Check bum periodically. Bum side of suit will wear out faster than any other spot. When rinsing out suit, if you can see your hand through the fabric, it is time to replace the suit. It does not matter that from the front the suit looks brand new -- Please replace the suit!!" LOL!!! hahahahaah!

I don't know if men have a similar problem -- all I know is that if a guy is going to wear baggy shorts and swim, he should remember to tie the little drawstring at his waist. I have seen more bum crack swimming, than I have when I had my plumbing done.

Yesterday, I swam 60 min, with 3 sets of 4x100 with 20 secs rest. I was channeling Jenna, so I had a faster than usual swim!! LOL! Core work afterwards, then a 90 min. bike. My arm is still sore, so chinups and weights were out. I am taking IG's advice about doing weights, then backing off when I am completely fagged out --hahah -- nod to my English friends; I have to practice my British colloquialism as they are arriving soon!!

Getting my Saturday morning coffee ready -- for qt: I LOVE history and am leaning towards teaching high school social studies. Either that, or I'll write those reports commissioned by the government you always hear about on the radio: A new study just released has found that people who walk to work instead of drive are more physically fit. Astonishing! LOL! :) :)

For Cath and Jase -- apparently there are degrees of quality within the Hamburger Helper brand -- I purchased the WRONG kind. If the instructions don't have you adding milk, stay away. Hahahahahaha!! Otherwise, it's just a water, hamburgery, soupy taste. However, it was balanced with my spinach salad in which I add every kind of vegetable, grapes (too scared to try them in oatmeal yet, Jase!), and almonds.

Have a great weekend everyone! :):)


Keith said...

I don't know about other guys, but the wear point for me is between the thighs where my fat legs rubbed together. Maybe the bum is next to go. Maybe I'll find out with the most recent swim suit, since my legs are thinner now. Stronger too, thanks IG!

Jenna said...

Wait til summer hits and you get to see a bunch of mashed bums in cycling tights. Last year Kelly and I saw lots of mashed asses at Frank Dunn - all were men :) I was praying none would get up to climb a hill as I was unsure how far the see thru zone goes ...

Cath said...

HAHAHA! That's SO true! In my old swimming days, I used to wear 2 costumes for training cos one would be completely see-through so two jsut did it!

I think you truly deserve a new suit after all this training - least you can do, really!

YOu gotta give the grapes in the oatmeal a go - it's so much nicer - that and/ or frozen berries work well too - honest gov!

I reckon you're saving the chin up for when we get there next weekend - lulling us all into a false sense of security!

See ya next week - yay!

qtlibrarian said...

Swimsuits go from perfectly fine to indecent overnight I swear!

I walk 3km into work everyday (-40 and all) people my office are amazed by this. I love my walk in, I'm relaxed and ready to start the work day instead of frazzled from fighting traffic.

Sounds like you have an awesome plan. I'm a HUGE beliver in finding your passion otherwise work would be so boring!