Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quick Transition!

I don't know if any of you do this, but since I have started triathlon, I find myself doing some tasks really quickly -- like I'm being timed in transition. For example, as I walk into the change room for my morning swim, I can take off my toque, scarf and one mitten in one smooth motion. LOL!! Hahahaha!

Today was a great day! Swam 75 min this morning: warm up, drills, then main set of 5 x 400 with 30 sec rest. Then it was plank for 3:00min, then the rest of my core workout. Later on I ran 9.25 miles and did some major stretching as usual. I swear by stretching! I believe it has kept me injury-free this year. I stretch after every single run.

OH! AND I finally finished my history essay!! YAHOOO!! You have no idea what a weight lifted from me. I mean, I did it to myself, but it was so important for me to get over this hurdle (that I put there in the first place). :) :)

One more funny thing -- I was in the tub and asked Mike to get my facial cleanser from my swim bag. I explained it to him this way - "Can you get my orange tube of facial cleanser, hun? It says Deep Clean on it." Well, first thing he brings me is a big bottle of body lotion -- not orange but blue and white. Then he came in with a green bottle of shampoo. THEN, he came in with my ginormous RED can of Big, Sexy hairspray!! At this point, I thought he was fooling me, but he said, "What? It's like a tube!" LOL!! Finally, on the fourth attempt he got it right!! lol!! HAHAHAHA!!


Keith said...

Us poor men, you know. The inside of women's purses is a deep dark mysterious place. Sort of like women themselves. He probably wasn't even looking. And all containers of goop look the same anyways. The inherent goopyness of the contents totally over rides any packaging.

qtlibrarian said...

I don't think I've done enough transitions to get to that point yet! But I do see it coming in the near future!

inherent goopyness! ha

Jenna said...

Keith - I love your perspective on things.

Gotta give Mike an A+ for the persistent effort to get it right :)

Julie - you are a machine - and I think stretching is very important but I often forget to do it. Since I started doing massage and yoga I can not believe how much better I feel - almost elasticky - like I feel like I could just swing down and touch my toes (however, if I did that everything would snap) it is just that sense of being fluid - nothing snaggin on the inside as you move your body around life....

Kelly B. said...

Men! I had a friend once who was going for a weekend date thing. He asked me to pick him up some foot cream to use with his date. He mentioned he was going to also use it for a body massage and I nearly passed out.

Cath said...

Poor ol' Mike! That's so funny though! I biked for an hour and a half today outside - fine at first, but then the snow started - boy, it got chilly! Anyhow, we're here....yay! You better get ready for a big hug my girl - gonna call later and sort a date! x