Monday, March 3, 2008

Long runs, voting, and chinups

Yesterday I ran just over 15 miles bringing my total for this week to 41.26 miles. My schedule is running out -- poor IG is going to be inundated with schedule requests I imagine! I wonder who will get the first new schedule? Hmm?? Any wagers? :) :)

I had a 60 min. swim this morning-- main set was 2 x 1000 on 90 sec rest. I went to the gym afterwards for core and the daily chinup attempt. I am definitely getting stronger! Not there yet, but I am lifting my body up now and am doing this double lift thing as of today! It goes like this: I pull myself as much as possible, and then while holding this position, I do this grunting sort of residual-left-in-the-tank lift. Chuck -- I think it has to do with stretching my neck to get up a little higher!! Hahahahahaha!! I tried it 7 times, then called it a day.

Afterwards I went to vote -- it really bugs me how the media makes all these bloody suppositions, etc. How all you hear is how Albertan's don't know which way to vote so most will probably stay home, how the "undecided" factor is so massive, how "Albertan's want change." I wonder where all these radio stations and newspapers get their stories because it is the same one in every media source. Is there some King of Oz sitting somewhere just thinking what story to promote and every single radio station plays the exact same story? Gee it is such a good thing we don't have state run programming where all you hear is one story repeated over and over again -- Oh wait, we do -- the CBC. OK -- Enough of rant. But, if everyone did triathlon, the world would be a much better place! :)

The wind has picked up so I'll be doing my run on the treadmill later this afternoon. I'm going to throw in a few more chinup attempts while I'm there!

I've got some serious blog-reading to catch up on! :) :)


Keith said...

41 MILES Now I get it. I was thinking 41 K, what's the big deal, 3 runs a week, 5K each, times 4 weeks. No problemo. But miles are bigger. And what's with miles anyway??

How quick did you swim your 1K's?

I suspect we all ran out of our schedules. Picture Greg. He has a choice of hanging out with Susi, going to the beach or other fun stuff. Or sitting at a computer working on training plans. duh.

I'm glad to hear that you voted! My theory is that voting the rascals out is best done early, and done often. 37 years is unbelievable. Change is long past due. Seeing all the undecideds is a good thing, a step forward from the monolithic voting patterns of the past.

Jenna said...

So basically you ran three half marathons this week. Nice. Who the frick cares if you can do a chin up or not

qtlibrarian said...

I second Jenna's comments! girls you are hard core!

My IGP doesn't run out until Thursday, I suspect I'll be one of the last to see what March is going ot look like!