Monday, March 3, 2008

Downward Dog x 2

There is a very good reason I do all my stretching at the gym. Our house is tiny and with two border collies and two cats running around, there is no room for me. The times I try to do pilates or yoga on the kitchen floor is interesting. It starts when I roll out the yoga mat ... Peanut (cat 1) thinks it's a game and will come running out of nowhere to attack the mat as it unfurls. She likes the feel of the sticky mat on her claws. Once I am in position, I have to watch or she will jump on my back. This is an endless thing with her. I'll be sitting on the toilet, and she jumps on my back; bending over to tie my shoes, she's on my back; getting ready to do a pushup, she's on my back!!! It is then my cue to walk her over to her food on the counter to drop her off. I call it the "Peanut Express."

Mandalay (cat 2) then will walk on by, meowing at me. I'll be lifting my legs or arms and she will be twining around any part of me that is off the floor. But -- the worst part is trying to stretch with Diva and Toby. They see me on the floor (well, Toby does and Diva follows suit) and they come at me like arrows. I do downward dog, they both do downward dog too. It's so weird! Toby gets right underneath my body and holds the position for as long as I do. When I come down it's doggy kisses all over. Diva just goes right for my face and leaves a pool of drool.

Well onto some explaining for Keith!! I use miles because (Ok I hope I don't lose you here!!) it's like a mind trick with me. 26 miles just sounds easier to me than 42 km. It's like when I go out running in the summer before the sun comes up -- the more miles I put in before it rises, it's like my workout hasn't started yet -- those were just easy warmup miles. I fool myself into not making a big deal out of the distance so I can go further. Also, 26 is easier to count to than 42 -- I have been known to lose track of laps quite easily in the pool! OK I know it is not too bloody likely I'd forget how many miles I ran, it's just 26 seems more innocuous to me. I don't know -- but it seems to be working for me!!! LOL!!! :) :)

As for my swim times -- I don't truly know. You know how Jenna's secret fear is of her crapping myself? (Sorry Jenna!!!! LOL!!) Well, my biggest fear is that every swim speed I swim is the same! Hahahahaha! I know it isn't true, but I will go out of my way to avoid the truth. I will "forget" my watch -- the clock is too far for me without contacts; or I will "forget" how many laps I swam and do a little extra. Swimming is for sure my big limiter -- this is the first year where I've been able to do swimming workouts and not be sacked for the rest of the day. So, I swim by how I feel, I guess -- what matters to me is how fast I swim on race day. Then, the number is important to me. hee-hee! Now you have insight into my weird-ball mind!!! Hahahahahaha!! Maybe, just for you, next time I will time it -- must overcome fear!! :) :): )

Well, I did go back to the gym and run 5.4 miles, then did some major stretching. I was feeling good so I decided to throw some plank work in. I already did my core work earlier, but what the hay! I beat both plank times!!!!!!!! 2 min 30 sec. for front plank, then 50 sec on each side plank!! Woohoo! After that I thought, frig I may as well try a couple more chinups --So, I tried it 2 more times, then I was toast!! LOL!! :) :)


Jenna said...

Just because you are thinking of timing yourself swimming, DOES NOT mean i will face my fears and be shitting myself any.time.soon.

Just want yall to know that!

Kelly B. said...

Hi Julie...just a note...I love your blog! I creep it...! And I operate in "miles" as well...easier for my brain to handle. just make me laugh!!

qtlibrarian said...

LOL your blog shouln't be called running with dogs, you should re name it push ups with cats or yoga with cats!

I'm afraid of grates in swimming pools. I'm sure that something is going to come out of it!

Cath said...

I'm impressed Julie - I find it REALLY difficult not to time myself on everything - good for you! I've got some kinda bug this week, so the training has been bit non-existent - boo! But you know what Jase says - don't do it when you're ill, otherwise your heart will stop and you'll die! - lol :)

Keith said...

You know, you could probably make good money videotaping yourself trying to do yoga at home with all the critters.

I used to always lose track of laps in the pool, till I figured out an infallible system, which works as long as I can see a pace clock and have my stopwatch. Which I admit sounds a bit like saying "if I had some peanut butter I could make a peanut butter sandwhich, if I had some bread."

Miles/Km. I'm just surprised that young people like you guys would still use miles. I didn't think they taught miles in school anymore.

Julie said...

Haha! Jenna! Good thing you pointed that out! ;)