Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fine Dining in Cowley, Alberta!

Last night, Mike and I went out with another couple (my vet and her hubby) to a remarkable restaurant just 15 minutes away in Cowley. It is a tiny little place tucked in the middle of nowhere -- but WOW!!! the food is fabulous. They are only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday -- and only serve prime rib on Fridays. We all ordered prime rib -- and it was the biggest, meatiest, medium-rarest (hee-hee!) prime rib I have ever had in my life. I felt like Diva with a piece of roadkill!! It was so delicious -- the veggies, the potato, oh boy.

Yesterday, I swam in the morning: 70 min: warm up, then main set of 10x60, 10x100, 10x60 with 15 sec rest on all and 1 min. between sets. Then after all was said and done, I played around with my youtube breast stroke. I didn't get into the hot"tube" after though, qt!! I'm hoping the odd 20m pool size and the extra swimming I do will help me out this year! :) Later I did my last core workout of the "dynamic phase". Yay!! Next week, I'll be back to more planks -- Chuck, I might try some twisting and leg marching, etc!! LOL!

I had to take evasive action later on, I felt a tickle in my throat and hit a wall of fatigue. I know I made the right decision, because today I'm full of pep again. :) :) Have a great weekend!! :) :)


Jenna said...

r u ever not filled with pep???

Julie said...

Good point. LOL!! :) :)

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

LOL, so the secret is out of the bag! A-L-L A-B-O-A-R-D WOOO WOOOO

qtlibrarian said...

I second Jenna's comment! You make me sleepy just reading your blog!