Monday, March 17, 2008

3:00 Plank!!!!!!!!

HOO-RAH!!!! Yeah baby --I did the front plank in 3:00 min today -- my goal!! :) :) :) I started "Phase 2" of the core workout program, and side planks were 4 sets of 6 reps. Each rep was hold for count of 4 then lower; then rise up and repeat. Then a bunch of other fun core stuff.

Swimming this morning was 70 min: warm up, drills, then 8 x 200 on 30 sec rest. Later on, I ran 3.93 miles with strides.

Now -- I am waiting for my arm to be 100% before I resume chinups!!

I nearly bust my gut laughing about Chuck's adventure... oh boy, EVERYONE can sympathize!! :) :) :)


Shannon Keith Wicks said...

You are an animal! Nice work on your plank times. You have inspired me to get me'arse in gear tomorrow morning!

Jenna said...

awesom - 3 minutes of pur hell for me that would be...followed by a swallowup of some sort. LOVE the clip art of Chuck's "tip" lol

Charlie Browne said...

I always say if you can't laugh at yourself share your misfortune with others so at least they can laugh!! LOL, great picture!!!

qtlibrarian said...

You are a rock star. 3 minutes!! Now I have a new goal.

Keith said...

Very impressive!

I like to be clear about things, which sometimes makes people think I'm a little slow, but that's ok. That 3 minutes, is that with, or without a cat on your back, and with, or without a dog underneath?

Kelly B. said...

Julie, Julie, ROCK!! And thanks for the tri-clothing advice...I was giggling so hard I was crying. Very funny!! I am sure not so funny when you were living those events, but the comments really made my day!!