Saturday, March 29, 2008

When a hill becomes a roller...

I just love my Computrainer so much. Last night I biked the Escape from Alcatraz course and it was awesome -- who knew that a 6% grade hill could feel relaxing?? I'll tell you when -- when you are continually pedaling up 15% grade hills! The course is 18 miles of hills: one after the other; hills within hills, hills on top of hills, hills were coming out of my eyeballs - hills,hills, hills. That is a funny word if you say it enough times, isn't it? LOL!! Hahahahaah!!

It is all the more awesome as I look outside and see the DUMP of snow we got (and are still getting). I've been able to get in quality bike workouts this winter because of my CT. Yipeee!! Instead of my long run tomorrow, I am going to try a long bike ride -- don't know where I'll ride. Hmmmm, let's see... Ironman Germany, Ironman France, Ironman Canada, or Ironman Hawaii? Hee-hee!

Yesterday I swam for 60 min: warm up and then
  • 4 x 60 (I know Keith -- WHO in their right minds make a 20m pool???)
  • 4 x 100
  • 4 x 200
  • 4 x 100
  • 4 x 60
All on 20 sec rest. In retrospect, I should have used a pool buoy to prevent me from kicking because the kicking hurts me po' widdle ankle -- hahahah!! However, yesterday was one of those swim days that started off like this:

I kept plugging away and pretty soon I felt good!! LOL!! No nuisances in the pool yesterday either -- my problem is usually the elderly people crossing over the lane. The way the Sparwood pool is set up is very weird. You know how all other pools in the world are shallow at the short end of the rectangle and then get progressively deeper? Not there! Firstly, the pool is some weirdly shaped lima bean thing. The shallows start at the longest side (the right) and gets deeper as you move to the left --that's right, if you are sharing a lane, the person on the left has deeper water to swim in. In the mornings, there is only one lane roped off.

Because of this set up, the old folks like to wade into the water at the shallow end and then go right to the middle of the lane ropes and attempt to cross. Ooomph! There goes one leg slowly over the lane rope as he/she now straddles it. Ooomph and HOIST! There goes the other leg. Now they are in my territory--- you better move buddy because I'm swimming my timed 1500m and I am getting chafed by the stupid Speedo size tag and if I'm not stopping for it, I'm sure as heck not stopping for you!!! I don't know why they can't just frigging climb into the pool on the deep side -- that's where they all go for water aerobics anyways!!!


Hahahahaha!!!Most of the old folks are pretty good now after I have ran into a few of them. They really hustle when they cross the lane now -- no dawdling anymore!! LOL!!!!


Charlie Browne said...

LOL.....i always feel that way in the pool!!

Keith said...

I think you're channeling the shark too.

Kelly B. said...

That just makes me giggle!! And I need to find out more about computrainers...or maybe just finish this half IM first and see how it goes!!!

Jenna said...

the picture you have been adding are hilarious!!

Susi said...

keith is a shark and you head butt wrinklies in the pool...what kind of people do i associate with?! LOL.

Cath said...

Excellent, very funny! Good to see you in Fernie. We're back in the UK now, feeling pretty tired with all the travel. How's your swimming stroke coming along after our power hour in the pool?!

Chat soon x

qtlibrarian said...

I love, love, love my computrainer sessions. I'm thinking about buying one myself for when I'm in Victoria!

Sometimes I think that getting a little angry in the pool help with speed. That or we all need anger management therapy!

John Prince said...

VERY GOOD Julie! You make me LAUGH!!!