Friday, March 21, 2008

I forgot it was Good Friday...

So I drove down to Sparwood this morning, only to realize when I got there, that the pool was closed for Good Friday. They are only open from 1-4 and that is only for public swim. Too bad -- it was supposed to be a 1500m TIMED swim! HAHAHAH!! Keith -- I got out of it again!! Hee-hee!! Pool will be closed on Monday too.

Yesterday, I biked 90min. w/u, drills, then 3min at 100rpm, 3 min. at 90 rpm. Afterwards, I ran 3.09 miles.

I just finished my core workout --Plank 3:00min (Yahoo! I still can't believe I can do it! ) then more fun core. I 'm heading out for a run right now because it is not windy out there today!!!! There are only like 4 days of the year when it is this calm, and I am going to take advantage of it!!

Cath!!!!! I am so glad to hear you went for a bike ride-- your glands must be all better now? :) :) I have to work Saturday, and I'll be at the store pretty much all day today too - but after that -- I'm ready to visit!!!



Cath said...

Did you mean Hoppy Easter cos the easter bunnies hop - hahaha! Well, you're lucky the pool is open at all today, ours is closed ALL day and ALL day Monday too! I went on my bik,e inside today (2 hours and a 15 min run after) - no outside bike as we had 10 in of snow last night! Great for skiing, but I want to be out biking and running in the fresh mountain air!

Anyhow, how about we get together Sunday - we'll be free after 1pm - want to stay over?.... Give me a call when you're back from the store today

Susi said...

Great job on the plank! I finally made it to 3 minutes as well. I learned that if I have my timer right in front of me that I will talk to myself and say 'just five more seconds, okay, how about five more....' If I don't, I think I've been there forever and flop to the floor only to see it's been less than a minute. :)

Have a great weekend, may the easter bunny find you and bring you lots of chocolate!